No Girls 4 U: The Ultimate Guide to LOSING the Girl of Your Dreams

Ready to get your dating life on the right track? If so...

...then this book is NOT for you!

Instead, No Girls 4 U is the ultimate guide on how to lose the girl of your dreams! It descriptively analyzes and explains the reasons certain actions & words you're doing/saying to attract women are actually causing them to run from you!

Think of this guide as your key to finally understanding the "why" behind what does NOT work in dating (by pointing those things out in a humourous way).

This book is based on my early years as a horrible dater - learn from my mistakes so you won't have to keep repeating them!

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No Girls 4 U is a unique book - it's the only dating guide on the market for men that "teaches" you how to LOSE women in the most effective ways possible!

Specifically, this 12-chapter PDF e-Book gives you unparalleled insights into the minds of women and their rejection process. Finally - you can unlock the mysteries behind answers to any questions you have about why certain dating strategies that SHOULD work... don't!

Topics in this e-Book include the following (and more):

“I just finished reading the e-Book, and I give it 10 out of 5 stars! Everything in this book is rock-solid advice on being bad with women! From being completely oblivious to women's come-ons, to spilling your guts within the first minute of meeting her, to calling her everyday to the point of annoyance... this book teaches you everything you need to know about what NOT to do. A must read for any dating aficionado!” - Derek, San Diego CA


"So I bought the book and am still going through it and it is so right on! I laughed out loud many times recalling myself in those situations. Writing letters! Oh no! That was me!... Chapter 10 alone is worth gold! One point that I really liked is where you talked about how girls need problems in the relationship to occupy their time and have something to do... I used to think "these type of girls" were just manipulative and trying to change a guy to suit her self, i.e. using a guy like scrap metal to put him together like a robot to serve her the way she sees fit. What a b!tch she is and what a sucker he is, I would think. But now I totally see where you are coming from. Thanks for untying the knots in my head when it comes to understanding women!" - Ali, Alpharetta GA

An e-Book For Any Level of Dater

Whether you're a newbie in the dating game or have been doing it for years, this book can be enjoyed regardless of where you are in your journey. Rather than design the e-Book to read as a "don't do this, don't do that" e-Book, it's been written to read like a guide ENCOURAGING you to keep doing those wrong things to turn women off - i.e. "Go ahead and keep doing this action - that way, you're sure to lower her interest and she won't date you at all!"

An e-Book Based On True Events

Throughout the e-Book, you'll see numerous "Personal Stories" based on my own dating life, illustrating the various principles being taught. These stories will make you laugh, laugh some more, and cause you to see the negative results of doing dating strategies that SHOULD logically work yet don't actually work in practice.

A Word From The Author

“Learning the right way to date is important. However, before you can be open to learning new things, you must first have an understanding of why what you are currently doing will NEVER work. No Girls 4 U seeks to do that in a way that is humourous yet eye-opening. Why continue to do the wrong things when I've already done them for you?"

- Harry Wilmington

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