10 Steps to Winning Back Your Ex: The Step-by-Step, No-Nonsense Guide to Reconnecing with an Old Flame (Regardless of Who Ended the Relationship)

Learn the secret tactics for reversing a painful break-up, rekindling her desires for you, and creating a stronger, more loving bond the second time around...
Help Me Win Back My Ex!
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This 74-page guide lays out the blueprint for you to win back the love of your life. No more guess work, as we lay out the EXACT plan you'll need to use to have her pratically BEGGING you to give your relationship a 2nd chance!

An e-Book For Any Break-up Situation

Whether she broke up with you... or you ended things and are now wanting to re-consider, "10 Steps to Winning Back Your Ex" will help put you at ease with any fears you may have about saying the wrong thing to your ex-girlfriend. It explains the practical reasons behind each step of the process, and gives you a higher probability of reuniting with her once and for all!

Pushing her emotional triggers

The most important part of winning her back is being able to re-set how she feels about you to when she first met you - and with this e-Book, we show you how to do this with minimal effort by identifying her various "emotional triggers." We also help you to re-position yourself as the true "Alpha" male you are, and rebuild your confidence (or grow it if you didn't have it before) to look more desirable without having to fake it.

A Word From The Author

“Breaking up with the woman you love is hard - but winning her back doesn't have to be. Let '10 Steps to Win Back Your Ex' help you re-establish your relationship with love, confidence, and a spark that will make her love you even more than she did the first time!"

- Harry Wilmington

Help Me Win Back My Ex!